George P. Bush
George P. Bush will be deputy finance chairman of the Lone Star State’s Republican Party, becoming the latest in a long line of Texas politicos with the surname “Bush” to get a foothold in the GOP. Wikipedia

George P. Bush, nephew of former president George W. Bush, will be deputy finance chairman of the Lone Star State's Republican Party, becoming the latest in a long line of Texas politicos with the surname "Bush" to get a foothold in the GOP.

"I am excited about this opportunity to help the Republican Party here in Texas," he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "We have excellent candidates running for office who, once elected, will continue the tradition of making Texas the greatest State in the Union."

The finance position within the Texas' GOP establishment is considered to be the first step for a 36-year-old considered by many a future star in the Republican Party, not only within Texas but on the national stage.

"The Bush name is well known to Texas Republicans, and the Bush family has long served the Republican Party," Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri told the Star-Telegram. "George P. is a relatively young, dynamic, intelligent and articulate leader who I am confident will be part of the new generation of Texas Republican leadership."

Bush's father, Jeb, served as governor of Florida and was slated by many to be the next Bush to run for the oval office. Calling two former presidents "Uncle" and "Grandpa" doesn't hurt either.

"Clearly he is being groomed for great things in Texas and perhaps beyond," Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, told the Star-Telegram. "This is about his current visibility, his access to fundraising lists and his name recognition to people who will be on the other end of his fundraising calls."

By all appearances, Bush is padding his resume with the sort of background most elected officials dream of. The kid is a pro. Here's the scouting report on the man his friends lovingly call "P":

1. Served in the armed forces: Aside from the pedigree that comes with his family name, Bush followed up his graduation from law school with a deployment as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan for the Navy Reserve.

2. Made his way in the business world: Bush co-founded real estate private equity firm Pennybacker Capital.

3. Building up his charity credibility: The 36-year-old has spent plenty of time giving, very publicly. He led a $30 million fundraising campaign for Big Brothers Big Sisters in North Texas.

4. A politico from the get-go: Bush burst onto the national stage at the tender age of 12, speaking at the 1988 Republican Convention when his grandfather, George H.W. Bush, accepted the GOP nomination for president. He repeated the performance four years later, for his grandfather's re-election kickoff.

5. Big expectations launching at the GOP Convention: He will come full circle in about a week, when he represents the Bush family at the 2012 GOP convention. It's a moment that his father has anticipated.
"I hope he gets involved. I don't know if he will," Jeb Bush said during a March appearance at the University of Texas at Arlington, according to the Star-Telegram. "He's a special young man, but I'm biased. I'm his dad."