George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman (r.) walks toward his vehicle before entering a house that he and his wife Shellie Zimmerman were renting in Lake Mary, Florida. Reuters

Home security tapes have come out showing George Zimmerman throwing an iPad on the ground after his wife Shellie Zimmerman claimed he threatened her and her father as Lake Mary, Fla., police decide whether to arrest either or both Zimmermans for the murky Monday incident.

Shellie Zimmerman called 911 Monday, telling an operator that George Zimmerman threatened her and her father with a gun, although she later backed off the gun claim. Authorities who responded to the incident said they did not find a gun in the home where the incident occurred, despite earlier reports to the contrary.

Shellie Zimmerman, who filed for divorce last week, told police the incident was captured on an iPad that her husband tried to destroy.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman, who was temporarily handcuffed after the incident but not arrested, told cops it was his wife who was making threats. Authorities are trying to sort out the dispute before making any arrests, and the damaged iPad is said to be a key piece of evidence.

‘‘As of right now, we’re waiting on the iPad as the last piece of the puzzle,’’ Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson told the Associated Press on Wednesday, adding that it’s unclear who, if anyone, will be arrested. "As of right now, it could be either one or it could be no one,” Hudson said.

Lake Mary police have scheduled two news conferences for Wednesday afternoon, and told the Orlando Sentinel that they hope to finish their investigation by then.

Mark O’Mara, the lead defense attorney in George Zimmerman’s Trayvon Martin murder trial, told the AP that the incident was a typical spousal argument.

“I've come to know them as a family, and it's not a good idea to get in between them," O'Mara said of the Zimmermans.

Grainy footage of what looks like George Zimmerman throwing down the device has been obtained by the Sentinel, which you can view below:

Zimmerman was acquitted in July on murder charges in the February 2012 death of Martin, a 17-year-old black teen who was unarmed when he was shot and killed. Zimmerman’s attorneys successfully argued that he killed Trayon in self-defense. The not guilty verdict spurred outrage, especially among African Americans, across the country and the incident ignited a debate about race and racial profiling.