A gunman shot and killed five people, in Douglasville, Georgia Saturday. The incident occurred in the street in Willow Tree Court and in one of the houses. The victims range in age from toddlers to adults.

Deputies from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office were called to the scene on Saturday afternoon.

"We had multiple victims shot in the street," said Chief Deputy Stan Copeland, of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. "Some of those are siblings, so some of these [people] are related. We just don't know who is who right now."

"I have been with the Sheriff's Office 38 years and I've never seen this many victims in one shooting," Copeland added.

A few of the victims have already died, while others have been transported to the hospital. It has been reported that the gunman shot himself. The others killed were two adults and two juveniles.

The shooter's sister was said to be frantic. Witnesses say she repeatedly yelled: "My brother should have never had a gun." Residents identified the shooter's sister as she was being escorted by police.

Local residents described hearing "police car after police car" and several police helicopters. Individuals who witnessed the tragedy unfold on their quiet residential street are said to be traumatized.

"It's very devastating, nothing ever really happens here," one resident said.

"As you can imagine we have neighbors that are in shock, neighbors who came to the aid of those victims," Copeland added.

Investigators are keeping people far away from the scene because there are still victims in the street.

The motive for the attack is as yet unclear.