In a shocking incident, a giant crocodile in India attacked a man and grabbed his legs in its jaws before the victim was saved by some men, who managed to fight off the reptile.

The incident took place Sunday night in the western state of Gujarat. The man was attacked by the reptile while he was near Vishwamitri River, according to The Times of India.

Heman Vadhwana, a wildlife activist, told The Times of India the crocodile lunged toward Rathwa when he entered the river, and grabbed both his legs in its jaws.

A woman, who was walking nearby, heard Rathwa's screams and alerted some locals, Latestly Marathi reported [Google Translate showed].

Four men rushed to the river and began throwing stones at the reptile. The crocodile dragged Rathwa and took him to another side of the river. The men had to carefully approach the reptile, as about six to seven crocs are believed to be in the area.

The men then got involved in a tug of war with the crocodile and managed to pull the victim out of the reptile's jaws.

The victim, identified as Narpat Rathwa, was rushed to a hospital and was reported to be stable.

"It was dangerous to take on a crocodile in waters and that too when it was completely dark. But our volunteers showed remarkable courage to save Rathwa," Vadhwana said.

"The men took the bridge nearby and rushed to the other side of the river within minutes. They used sticks to hit the reptile and divert its attention. After a 25 minute of violent tussle, the crocodile finally let go of Rathwa's legs and disappeared into the waters."

Rathwa suffered deep gashes on both his legs.

In July, a huge crocodile reportedly swallowed a 10-year-old child, while the boy was taking a bath in a river in India. The incident took place in the Chambal river, which flows through the state of Madhya Pradesh. The boy, identified as Atar Kevat, went deep into the river when the 8-foot-long crocodile emerged out of the water. The reptile dragged the child away, Free Press Journal reported at the time. Later, the child's family and other people used sticks, rope and a net to capture the crocodile.

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