This NASA image shows a photograph tweeted by astronaut Ron Garan in August 2011 while aboard the International Space Station. "What a 'Shooting Star' looks like from space,” his caption read. NASA

A massive fireball illuminated the sky over parts of the U.S. East Coast and Midwest over the weekend, according to hundreds of eyewitness reports to the American Meteor Society. Residents in a dozen states spotted the fireball as it streaked across the night sky Sunday. A few witnesses caught the spectacular event on video.

This video from Vimeo user Jeremy Settle, shot from his New York apartment, shows the fireball dip towards the horizon above New Jersey:

Another witness captured this footage of the fireball in Pennsylvania:

Technically, the fireball was most likely a bolide, the Washington Post reported, a fireball that appears to “explode” or “flash” toward the end.

The American Meteor Society suggests that if you missed Sunday’s fireball, there are plenty more on the way. “We are entering a period of elevated meteor activity now through the first month of 2015,” members of the Society noted. “As the length of night increases, expect to see more meteors and possibly fireballs as the Earth intersects orbiting material left behind by both asteroids and comets as they circle the sun.”