San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson brought sasquatch along as his date to the ESPYs Wednesday evening, shocking onlookers along the red carpet at the 20th-annual ESPN award ceremony.

The always entertaining player did it up once again by bringing along some guy (or gal) dressed up as bigfoot as his plus-one to the awards ceremony. Wilson tweeted about it before gracing the red carpet with their presence:

Who is my plus one? He is! @ESPYS?#brosquatch?, adding the following message later: I'm rollin with Squatch all night, tweet me a question you want me to ask him.?#AskSquatch?.

It is most likely the first time that a Yeti has been seen on the red carpet at any awards show, let alone the ESPYs, which can be a tame affair some years.

And the show itself started out pretty lame, as comedian Rob Riggle failed to entertain many guests, and Twitter lit up with negative comments about his less-than-hilarious performance.

Brian Wilson, one of Major League Baseball's best closers, was a key player on the San Francisco Giants squad that won the World Series two years back.

The 20th annual ESPYs began at 9 p.m. EDT Wednesday night at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, and there will be more than 30 awards presented over the course of the night. The show is being simultaneously broadcast live on ESPN and as online.

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