Eli Manning and Justin Tuck spoke to fans as the parade moved to City Hall.
Eli Manning and Justin Tuck spoke to fans as the parade moved to City Hall. IBTimes

The city of New York celebrated the Giants fourth Super Bowl title on Tuesday with a ticker-tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes.

Around one million fans lined the streets to pay homage to the Giants players. The celebration concluded at City Hall where Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented the champions with keys to the city.

Before the keys were given out, the players were greeted by Bloomberg and former Giant Michael Strahan as they walked to their seats on the City Hall stage.

Some players greeted Strahan and Bloomberg, while others walked right past the Mayor after shaking Strahan's hand.

Did certain Giants snub the Mayor on purpose?

It's possible that these players just didn't notice Bloomberg's outstretched hand. After all, it was an exciting day. They could have just forgotten to acknowledge Bloomberg.

But there's another possibility.

Maybe the players snubbed Bloomberg because of his treatment of a former Giant, one who helped New York win the Super Bowl four years ago -- Plaxico Burress.

After accidentally shooting himself with a gun in a New York City night club in 2008, Bloomberg was the leading force behind making sure the wide receiver was prosecuted.

Bloomberg initially said if Burress was charged with anything less than three and a half years for felony gun possession, it would be a sham, a mockery of the law.

Burress was immediately suspended and never played for the Giants again. New York lost their first playoff game and many felt the loss of the wide receiver cost them another championship.

Burress was eventually sentenced to two years in prison and served 20 months in jail. He played for the Jets this past season in his first season back in the NFL.

Some players who walked past Bloomberg, like Victor Cruz, never even played with Burress. They could have been making some sort of political statement, but that's highly doubtful.

All of the Giants did accept their keys to the city from the Mayor without incident at the end of the ceremony.

We may never know why the Giants ignored Bloomberg.

It's too bad the Jets didn't win the Super Bowl. We can only wonder what how Burress himself would have reacted to Bloomberg at the parade.