So many things happened in the premiere episode of “The Gifted” Season 1.

The Fox series, inspired by the characters from “X-Men,” opened with Blink (Jamie Chung) trying to flee from police officers after she escaped from prison. While on the run, she met some mutants who encourage her to join them. And she did. But this risky move left Lorna, aka Polaris (Emma Dumont), in the custody of the officials.

In the next scene, the Strucker family was introduced. Reed (Stephen Moyer) and Kate (Amy Acker) were at their son’s principal office encouraging the school head to give Andy (Percy Hynes White) special attention. The concerned dad told the principal that his son stopped talking after he was bullied in school.

Back home, the dynamic between the Strucker family members is similar to any “normal” family. Kate is a doting mom to her two children, and dad is a reliable dad. Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) is protective of her younger brother, Andy, who shares a special bond with his sister.

The two kids decided to attend Lauren’s high school dance, but Andy got into trouble after a group of older guys tried to burn him with hot water. A very angry Andy screamed at the top of his lungs and shattered the entire building. This was the first time that Andy realized that he has mutant powers.

Lauren immediately came to her brother’s rescue, and momentarily stopped debris from falling on her head. When she saw her brother sitting on the shower room floor, she asked him to leave the school premises. When they arrived home, Lauren told her mom that her brother has mutant powers.

Kate told Reed the news, and they came up with a plan to protect their children. They decided to flee to Mexico with the help of Reed’s friend, but their plan went south. Members of The Sentinel tracked them down, but with the help of the other mutants, Lauren, Andy and Kate managed to escape from their lair. Unfortunately, Reed did not make it inside the portal so he got left behind.

“The Gifted” Season 1 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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