Gilbert Arenas could be on his way to Los Angeles.
Gilbert Arenas could be on his way to Los Angeles. REUTERS

Two days after watching Jeremy Lin eviscerate Derek Fisher and Steve Blake to the tune of 38 points and 7 assists, the Los Angeles Lakers are getting desperate; but desperate enough to bring in Gilbert Arenas?

According to a report by Yahoo Sports, Arenas worked out on Sunday night in Southern California for Lakers officials.

Earlier in the season the Lakers had been connected, at least through media reports, to Aaron Brooks and Allen Iverson, though both seem to be well past their primes.

Brooks, who hasn't played in the NBA since he split time with Phoenix and Houston in 2011, is currently playing in China. Iverson is playing in Turkey, but he hasn't seen an NBA floor since his retirement from the 76ers in 2010.

But perhaps the Lakers have found a more serviceable piece in Arenas, who was bought out by the Magic this offseason using the Amnesty Clause. Arenas averaged 17.3 points and 5.6 assists for Washington, the last time he was a starter and the 30 year-old is definitely physically capable of starting still.

However, Arenas brings his own bag of problems to go along with his prodigious scoring talent. Two seasons ago he was suspended 50 games for bringing a gun into the Wizard's locker room.

He is also known for being somewhat selfish on the court, and at times in the past he has been criticized for keeping the ball and forcing shots. That is not a good trait in a point guard, especially not a point guard who will be tasked with keeping Kobe Bryant happy.

Both Bryant and head coach Mike Brown have been open to the idea of Arenas joining the team in the past and the only real obstacles to the deal would be money (the Lakers already have the second highest payroll in the league at over $84 million) and the health of Arenas' right knee.

Arenas had platelet-rich plasma therapy on his right knee over the offseason to try to combat the arthritis that has robbed him of some games in the past four seasons.