Newt Gingrich
Mitt Romney's most recent attack ad slams New Gingrich were it hurts a history professor most--right in his history. It's titled simply "History Lesson," and features a long, single clip of famed NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw, as he reported on the then-speaker's ethics violations in 1997. The clips served up a straight news report in which Brokaw says, "Newt Gingrich--who came to power, after all, preaching a higher standard in American politics, a man who brought down another speaker on ethics accusations--tonight, he has on his own record the judgment of his peers, Democrat and Republican alike. By an overwhelming vote, they found him guilty of ethics violations." Reuters

Newt Gingrich has won the South Carolina GOP Presidential primary, beating rival Mitt Romney, according to reports.

Three networks, The Washington Post, and a number of other news outlets have already called the race for the former speaker of the House of Representatives.

Though the polls have just closed in South Carolina and only about 1 percent of precincts are in, exit polls reveal that Gingrich appears to have the nomination locked up.

CBS News, NBC News and ABC News have all projected that Gingrich will be the winner, despite the fact that the polls closed at 7 p.m. and many precincts have not yet reported vote tallies.

Gingrich surged to the front in the Palmetto State over recent days, capitalizing on a scintillating South Carolina debate performance and harsh criticism of Romney's career at Bain Capital to make a last-minute appeal to the state's voters.