General Motors’ (GM) Wuhan, China, plant will reportedly remain closed for nearly a month as government officials look to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

China’s Hubei Province, where Wuhan is located, is experiencing an extended shutdown of production until March 10, the Detroit Free Press reported.

GM’s Wuhan plant, which employs about 6,000 workers, has reportedly been shut since Feb. 15. The Wuhan plant is one of 15 assembly facilities that GM has with its joint ventures in China. The Wuhan plant is a joint venture assembly plant with SAIC Motor Corp., where Chevy and Buick vehicles are produced for the Chinese market.

"But given Hubei Province’s extended shutdown until March 10, we are adjusting the restart of the Wuhan Plant to be in line with the government's updated arrangements," GM spokesman David Barnas told the news outlet.

According to Barnas, GM will continue to monitor the situation and adjust the company’s production schedules accordingly. He said there has been no impact on GM’s U.S. production because of the coronavirus or shortage of parts supplies from China.

Barnas also told the news outlet about production shutdowns at GM’s other Chinese plants, saying that “This is a very fluid situation. As we learn more, we will provide updates.”

The coronavirus has taken the lives of more than 2,700 people worldwide since December 2019. Wuhan is considered the starting place of the outbreak.

Shares of GM stock were down 2.28% as of 2:13 p.m. EST on Thursday.