With the UAW strike continuing into its fourth week, GM (GM) is losing out on significant production volume of its vehicles.

Auto industry analysts have said that the automaker has lost out on the production of as many as 165,000 cars and trucks – a volume that at this point it cannot makeup, Market Watch reported.

Of the 18 North America assembly plants that GM operates, the company has shut down 15 of them because of the strike, according to Bill Rinna, director of Americas Vehicle Forecasts for the LMC Automotive consulting firm.

“Once the strike ends, it may still take up to a week to get the parts pipeline going again. So we are likely looking at a loss of well over 200,000 vehicles,” Rinna wrote in a note distributed Tuesday (via Market Watch).

While dealers reportedly have enough inventory to continue their operations for several more weeks, depending on how long the strike continues, ripple effects could trickle further downward.

Beyond a loss in vehicle production, GM reportedly is suffering a loss of $82 million per day, bringing its total losses to $1.6 billion, according to Ryan Brinkman, an analyst at JP Morgan.

A total of 49,000 workers are on strike at GM, causing the company to lay off workers in Mexico and Canada as it unable to furnish parts to these facilities. More than 10,000 GM employees have been laid off due to the UAW strike with effects also touching about 12,000 auto supplier workers, CNBC reported.

Shares of GM stock were up 0.71 percent as of 10:46 a.m. ET on Wednesday.