As 2020 ushers in a new series of cars and SUVs, there are several vehicles models that are being discontinued by the automakers that produce them. While these vehicles will begin disappearing off car lots as they get sold and production winds down, they may present an affordable buying option in the last few months of the year. Here’s all the cars and SUVs that are going away in 2020.

  • Aston Martin Vanquish: The Aston Martin Vanquish is being replaced by the more modern DBS Superleggera and will be discontinued in 2020, Automobile Magazine reported.
  • Audi TT: Audi is currently ending production on the TT as it reportedly focuses its attention on electric vehicles for 2020. The TT, however, is thought to possibly make a comeback as an electric car, the news outlet said.
  • BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo: Because the 3 Series Gran Turismo wasn’t a hit with buyers as much as BMW hoped it would be, the automaker is reportedly ending its production run for 2020.
  • BMW 6 Series Gran Turimo: The 6 Series Gran Turismo from BMW will be replaced by the new 8 Series, keeping the 6 Series Gran Coupe, but letting go of the Gran Turisomo model, according to the news outlet.
  • Buick Cascada: Because this car model never quite captured the attention of buyers, GM is reportedly letting this model go, killing it off from its production line in 2020.
  • Buick LaCrosse: As GM turns its attention to SUVs and EVs, the Buick LaCrosse will meet its death and no longer be produced in 2020, Automobile Magazine said.
  • Cadillac ATS: Another model to fade off into the distance is the Cadillac ATS, sort of. The vehicle will be reworked and rebranded with a new CT4 moniker, according to the news outlet.
  • Cadillac CT6: While the production plant where this vehicle model is being produced is slated to close, it may remain open after a UAW agreement is made with GM. Nothing official has been released from GM on the CT6, but it may just be the demise of the vehicle.
  • Cadillac CTS: Another model under the Cadillac brand to bite the dust is the CTS. This vehicle is anticipated to be replaced by the new CT5 model, the news outlet said.
  • Cadillac XTS: The Cadillac XTS has been driven to the end of the road and will no longer be produced by GM in 2020. It may be due to GM’s reported move away from large front-drive cars or a drop-in demand for the model, but in either case, it will be discontinued for the new model year.
  • Chevy Corvette C7: Chevy made a big move this year with the launch of the midengined Corvette C8 for 2020. The C8 will replace the C7 model, offering more horsepower, torque, and options like a hardtop convertible roof.
  • Chevy Cruze: The demand for SUVs has driven the Cruze into extinction. This compact car has seen its last days and will dwindle from car lots throughout the year, coming to an end in production in 2020.
  • Chevy Impala: Another large front-drive sedan to be eliminated is the Impala. Again, GM has moved away from producing these large cars as drivers move towards SUVs.
  • Chevy Volt: A hybrid has made the list for discontinuation in 2020. The plug-in hybrid Volt never found the market it was looking for and with GM’s focus on all-electric vehicles going forward it makes sense that it would discontinue this model for good.
  • Ferrari 488 GTB: The Ferrari 488 GTB will be replaced by the F8 Tributo, a lighter and more powerful vehicle that has a better exterior design as well, Automobile Magazine reported.
  • Fiat 500 and 500e: Fiat, which is seeing its sales drop in the U.S., will reportedly eliminate the 500 and its variants come 2020. The 500 was the first Fiat model to come to the U.S. and now it is exiting the auto market for good.
  • Ford Fiesta: Another compact vehicle that is reportedly being discontinued in favor of SUVs and trucks is the Ford Fiesta. This subcompact car was a popular vehicle in its time but won’t be produced in 2020 as Ford commits to EVs going forward.
  • Ford Taurus: This sedan has seen its last days as its momentum has died, even with law enforcement, and will no longer be produced come next year, the news outlet said.
  • Hyundai Santa Fe XL: The Santa Fe XL is being dropped from Hyundai’s lineup even as SUVs become more popular in the U.S. The company’s Palisade is taking over as the seven-passenger front-runner SUV for Hyundai, the news outlet said.
  • Infiniti QX30: This vehicle model is moving out of the Western European market, Automobile Magazine said. The QX30 was developed specifically for this market and was also produced in the U.K.
  • Jaguar F-type Manual: With low sales and demand, Jaguar is dropping the F-Type model with a manual transmission to reportedly make way for the 2020 F-Type with an automatic transmission at dealers.
  • Jaguar XJ: Another Jaguar model to leave the market in 2020 is the XJ after 50 years of production. However, the vehicle will be relaunched in an all-electric model in the next year or so, Automobile Magazine reported.
  • Lincoln MKC: The Lincoln MKC’s name will disappear in 2020, but will be replaced by with a newly designed model that will reportedly be dubbed the Corsair.
  • Lincoln MKT: Also going away in 2020 is the MKT from Lincoln. This SUV will be replaced by an all new Aviator model and will continue production through the end of the year, the news outlet said.
  • Nissan 370Z Roadster: The 370Z will disappear at the top level of the lineup with production of the coupe model continuing in 2020 and possibly beyond. According to Automobile Magazine, the car may be in line for a redesign that could be coming soon.
  • Nissan Rogue Hybrid: Another hybrid to meet its death as automakers like Nissan focus more on electrification of vehicles is the Rogue Hybrid. The model only offered five mpg more than a conventional model, which may not have been enough to sway buyers in to the hybrid option, the news outlet said.
  • Smart For Two: The entire Smart brand from Mercedes-Benz is going away in 2020, Automobile Magazine reported. The automaker is reportedly focusing on all-electric vehicles, making the announcement in 2017 on its new auto strategy.
  • Toyota Prius C: This Toyota hybrid model is also reportedly being discontinued in 2020 as new models of the vehicle offer better fuel economy and aerodynamics.
  • Volkswagen Beetle: Volkswagen announced the end of the Beetle, offering its Final Edition to Beetle enthusiasts as of recently. The popular car, which made a comeback is dead again, but may find a new following with the ID Buzz electric Microbus. Volkswagen also offers an electrification kit for the Beetle, letting its owners convert their cars to EVs.
  • Volkswagen e-Golf: Volkswagen also announced it is letting go of the e-Golf, an electric vehicle that has a 225-mile driving range and will be replaced by the ID 3 hatchback, which won’t be seen in the U.S. anytime soon, the news outlet said.
A 1964 VW Beetle, driven to the festival 50 years ago, has returned to the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site of the original 1969 weekend of peace, love and music
A 1964 VW Beetle, driven to the festival 50 years ago, has returned to the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site of the original 1969 weekend of peace, love and music AFP / Angela Weiss

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