Former Vice President Al Gore is convinced that the generations to come will be considering the present skeptics of global warming with the same negative connotation as racists.

“I remember, again going back to my early years in the South, when the Civil Rights revolution was unfolding, there were two things that really made an impression on me,” Gore said in an interview with former advertising executive and Climate Reality Project collaborator Alex Bogusky, broadcast on UStream on Friday.

He also noted that society was successful in marginalizing the racists. In the same manner, he expected the climate change skeptics will also be defeated sooner or later. He was convincing in saying that humanity has no choice but to win the conversation on climate.

In addition, Gore has taken on Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has derided climate change activists during the presidential campaign trail. Gore has in fact challenged any politician to come forward who has questions on the authenticity of the science behind global warming.

Gore has severely criticized the efforts from different politicians in attacking the reputation of the scientific communities. He has indicated that many of them are doing that for the sake of amassing money without knowing the basics behind the global warming problem.

All through the interview, Gore was able to sum up the manner in which specific interest as well as the domineering media platforms are disseminating misinformation and thereby damaging fruitful dialogues which are essential for the resolution of the key serious problems of the day.

Also, Gore attacked the mining industry. He considered the mountaintop-removal mining as a terrible practice which will be extremely damaging to the environment and to people.

In the interview, it was seen that he was advocating organic farming. He was calling for the need to rely upon more productive and safer methods that will be putting carbon back in the soil.