A new craze seems to be taking over NFL fans. Last year, it was "Tebowing." This season, it's "Griffining."

"Griffining" was born after the Washington Redskins upset the New Orleans Saints on the opening weekend of the 2012 NFL season. Rookie Robert Griffin III pointed to sky, while sitting down on the field, following a touchdown.

Fans have begun imitating Griffin's pose, posting pictures of themselves doing so on various social media sites. "Griffining" came to "SportsCenter" when ESPN anchor Stuart Scott mimicked the quarterback on set.

A Twitter account, naturally, was created to honor the trend. The user posts photos of people "Griffining" in different places.

"Tebowing" was made popular by Tim Tebow in 2011. People began to mimic the quarterback's praying on one knee, with a closed fist on his forehead. With Tebow no longer a starter, Griffin has become the latest target of fans.

The Redskins rookie had, maybe, the best first week of any player in the league. He led the league with a 139.9 quarterback rating. Griffin completed 73.1 percent of his passes for 320 yards and two scores en route to the win.

Below are some pictures of people "Griffining."