Amid outcries from gun safety groups, toy company Lego sent a Provo, Utah-based company a cease and desist letter to stop producing "Block19," a multicolored kit that encases Glock handguns that look like they were made from Legos blocks.

The product is made by Culper Precision, which marketed it as “a childhood dream come to life.” The price of a Block19 ranged from $549 to $765.

"We have been building guns out of blocks for the last 30 years and wanted to flip the script to aggravate Mom,” Culper Precision posted on its official website. On its Instagram page, Culper Precision wrote that the product was "Super Fun."

Brandon Scott, the company's president, told the Washington Post that he would comply with the cease and desist letter.

The product had drawn immediate outrage. Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, told the Post that after she saw the Block19, she was “sick and that children would die.” Watts posted several tweets about the Block19.

Many others were bothered by what looks like a toy gun and reacted on Twitter.

The nonprofit group Everytown for Gun Safety reported in May that from March to December 2020 there was a 31% increase in unintentional shooting deaths by children of themselves or others amid the pandemic, compared with the same period in 2019.

"Unintentional shooting deaths by children increased by nearly one-third comparing incidents in March to December of 2020 to the same months in 2019. The pandemic saw millions of children out of school while gun sales hit record highs, bringing more guns into homes. This resulted in a tragic surge in the number of children accessing firearms and unintentionally shooting themselves or someone else," Everytown for Gun Safety wrote.