A man was sentenced to the prison on Monday, months after he sexually assaulted and bit a policewoman in Scotland Street, Sheffield, England.

Luca Jelic, 30, was ordered to serve three and a half years in jail by a Sheffield Crown Court judge after he pleaded guilty to sexual and physical assault, criminal damage and possession of the drug MDMA, in an incident that took place on April 27, BBC reported

The victim, whose name was withheld due to concerns for her safety, arrived outside Jelic’s apartment along with another policewoman on the day of the incident at around 3:30 BST (9:30 p.m. EST the previous day), after receiving reports of a man damaging parked cars. That is when they confronted Jelic, who was naked from the waist down and brandishing a “for sale” sign like a spear.

When the victim approached the accused and tried to disarm him with her baton, he hit her in the face with the sign. He then grabbed the officer’s crotch and refused to let go. He also bit her leg.

As a violent struggle ensued, the second officer started repeatedly beating Jelic with her baton but was unsuccessful in separating him from the victim. The victim’s partner then used CS gas (a major component of tear gas) on Jelic and pinned him down till backup arrived.

Prosecutor Louise Reevell told the court during the trial that Jelic made sexually-charged comments like "lovely girls for me to rape" and "I love sex" at the time of the assault.

Presiding Judge Dixon, before giving his verdict, said the officer was "violated and distressed" and "had never found herself in a more frightening and disturbing situation" in her career. He also added that neither of two police officers has had to use their batons in their combined 34-year-long career before.

In his defense, Jelic’s lawyer, Andrew Smith, cited mental health issues his client had suffered after moving from Romania to the United Kingdom when he was a child. Smith described Jelic as otherwise being “highly intelligent.”

A toxicology report after his arrest revealed that the accused had ecstasy and other drugs in his system at the time of the attack – information that factored into the verdict given by the judge. Dixon said even though Jelic said he was “extremely sorry" for the way he acted, which was largely influenced by drugs, there was a high probability that he would repeat such offenses in the future after getting high.

In addition, the judge condemned "incredible violence" conducted against "ladies simply called to do their job". "Everybody must know the police are not there to be assaulted," he said.