Boo! A Madea Halloween
Tyler Perry reprises his role as Madea in “Boo! A Madea Halloween.” Lionsgate

Sure, there are always dozens of Halloween-themed films airing on television this Oct. 31, but what beats seeing a horror film in the darkened movie theater? Not much else! Ahead of 2016’s All Hallows’ Eve, find out what scary movies you can see in theaters over Halloween weekend.

“Ouija: Origin of Evil”

Playing with an Ouija board has dire consequences for one young girl. After trying to contact her dead father, she becomes acquainted with ghostly spirits who take over her being. (Watch the official trailer above.)

“Ouija: Original of Evil” serves as a prequel to 2014’s sleeper hit “Ouija.” If the film doesn’t offer enough scares, check out what International Business Times found out about the real, haunted history of Ouija boards HERE.

“Boo! A Madea Halloween”

Madea is back and this time, with a whole batch of scares! After years of asking for a Halloween-themed installment, Tyler Perry presents the holiday installment. In it, Madea (Perry) is asked to keep an eye on Perry’s character’s teenage daughter Tiffany (Diamond White) when he fears she’ll sneak out to go to a Halloween party. The movie includes creepy clowns, zombies and even a “Saw” reference. Bella Thorne, Yousef Erakat, Cassi Davis and Patrice Lovely also star.

“The Girl on the Train”

While not exactly a horror film, this thriller does offer mystery, murder and deception. The film follows troubled divorcee Rachel (Emily Blunt) as she’s accused of possibly killing her ex-husband’s nanny following her mysterious death. If the plot sounds familiar, it’s because the film is based off Paul Hawkin’s best-selling book of the same name.

“When the Bough Breaks”

Pregnancy becomes a nightmare for one couple when their live-in surrogate decides she wants a romantic relationship with the soon-to-be father. When John (Morris Chestnut) turns down Anna’s (Jaz Sinclair) advances, she leaves while still pregnant with his child. Desperate to bring their unborn baby back home safely, Laura (Regina Hall) tells her husband to do whatever he has to to bring Anna back.


The dangers of social media are brought to light in this supposedly based on true events horror flick. When a girl goes missing after a night of clubbing, a group of her friends use a recovery app to find her and one of their missing phones. The app leads them to an abandoned house where they endure terrifying situations all in an effort to escape.