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The Miami Heat Reuters

The Harlem Shake has gone to Miami, as NBA’s Miami Heat team posted a video of themselves taking part in the dance sensation.

The defending champions are shown in the 56-second video doing the Harlem Shake dance in their locker room.

The video first shows the Miami Heat players stretching and not paying attention as Chris Andersen, nicknamed Birdman, skips around and acts like a bird, flapping his arms around.

In the rest of the video, Chris Bosh rocks glasses and dances with an '80s radio, LeBron James wears a royal robe and crown, Dwyane Wade wears a Kanye West “College Dropout” Bear costume, and Mario Chamlers dresses as Super Mario.

"In life u gotta figure out how to have fun and enjoy it. Hope y'all enjoy [sic]," Chamlers wrote on Twitter.

The Harlem Shake dance craze has gone viral in recent weeks, with one person dancing in the beginning before the video cuts to a group of people wearing costumes and randomly dancing around.

The Miami Heat certainly deserve to have their share of fun. In January, President Barack Obama welcomed the Miami Heat at the White House to congratulate them for becoming the 2012 NBA champions.

The Heat defeated Oklahoma City Thunder in five games to win the world championship in June, making this their second NBA title. They defeated the Dallas Mavericks 4-2 in 2006.

James was named Finals MVP and commented after their win: “It’s about damn time.”

At the White House on Monday, Obama congratulated the team, and James presented the president, who is a huge basketball fan himself, with a basketball signed by all the players, as well as a personalized No. 44 Miami Heat jersey.

"Everybody doing their part is what finally put the Heat over the top," Obama said at the gathering, reported the Associated Press.

“For all the young men out there who are looking up to them all the time, for them to see somebody who cares about their kids and is there for them day in and day out, that's a good message to send," Obama went on to say, referring to a number of the players who are fathers, including James and Wade.

Obama also thanked them for their help at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

When James spoke, he made a moving remark that incited applause from the audience, which included the Miami Heat players’ girlfriends and wives.

"We're in the White House right now, which is like, 'Mama, I made it,'" James said.