• Harry Kane reportedly had a "gentleman's agreement" with Daniel Levy to leave Tottenham
  • A pundit tells Kane that staying with Tottenham is the best thing to do
  • The English team captain has yet to reveal his current status with the Spurs 

Harry Kane has been told about what could possibly happen if he insists to leave Tottenham this summer.

In May, rumors swirled around claiming Kane has reiterated his desire to part ways with Tottenham.

The English national tram captain was said to be hoping his “gentleman’s agreement” with Spurs chief Daniel Levy will allow him to finally look for another club.

Weighing in on the subject, former Crystal Palace forward and Talksport’s Darren Ambrose stressed that the best thing Kane should do is to stay.

According to Ambrose, the said “gentleman’s agreement” doesn’t make any sense, and though Levy is “hard to deal with,” Kane should respect his contract with Tottenham.

“You should always return,” Ambrose said of Kane’s situation. “You’re under contract. A gentleman’s agreement means nothing, absolutely nothing–particularly if Daniel Levy is like we know he is, he’s notoriously hard to deal with.”

“(Levy) He’d have said everything to get Kane to sign the contract initially,” he continued.

Ambrose further pointed out that Kane is just putting his legacy in vain by opting to leave the club that has loved him his entire career.

“[Kane’s] He’s Tottenham’s main man and idolized by the supporters,” the pundit explained. “I think he’ll tarnish any reputation and anything he brings to Tottenham by doing this. He’s the England captain as well. I honestly can’t see him not turning up.”

“I don’t know [Kane] him personally but he seems like such a professional guy,” he added. “If he refused and Daniel Levy doesn’t get the offer or money that he wants, he could just say: ‘Don’t come back in then’.”

England forward Harry Kane celebrates against Denmark at Wembley
England forward Harry Kane celebrates against Denmark at Wembley POOL / JUSTIN TALLIS

Kane has yet to give a fresh update regarding his current situation at Tottenham.

However, Kane earlier bared that he is looking forward to addressing the issue with Levy sooner rather than later.

"I don't know, I mean he [Levy] might want to sell me," Kane said in May. "He might be thinking 'If I could get £100m for you, then why not?' Do you know what I mean? I'm not going to be worth that for the next 2 or 3 years.”

"I hope we have a good enough relationship. I've given the club…well, I've been there 16 years of my life. So, I hope that we can have a good honest conversation and see where we are at in that aspect.”

Among the clubs reportedly tailing Kane, Manchester City is said to be still “determined” to pursue him this summer.