After Tropical Storm Iselle caused flooding, road closures and power outages in Hawaii early Friday, Hawaiians may catch a break before absorbing a second punch thrown by approaching Hurricane Julio.

Meterologists forecast that Julio, a Category 2 hurricane about 700 miles behind Iselle as of Friday evening, will pass the state 150-200 miles to the north and weaken as it nears the island cluster Saturday night and Sunday.

“The models continue to shift Julio away from the Hawaiian islands, so, as we get into the weekend and the storm approaches, I think the effects will be very minimal to the island chain,” the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore reported via NBC News.

Iselle forced 1,200 people into evacuation centers and cut power for more than 20,000 people along coastal towns, dumping as much as 15 inches of rain on some areas, the Weather Channel reported late Friday. The tropical storm was downgraded from hurricane status midweek.