• Ronaldo has scored 25 times for Juventus this season
  • He will be 36 by the time Euro begins and Ronaldo's Portugal are the reigning champions
  • His former Portugal teammate has insisted that Ronaldo can play until 40

Cristiano Ronaldo can play until the age of 40, insists his former Portugal teammate Paulo Ferreira.

Current Juventus forward, Ronaldo, is 35 but he still remains the deadly force in the world of soccer as he recently equaled the Serie A record for scoring in 11 consecutive matches.

Ferreira, who played along Ronaldo in four matches for Portugal, has said he was not one bit surprised watching his compatriot still going strong at an age when most soccer players retire or are considering bowing out of the sport.

“I've known Cristiano for a long time. His attitude, how professional he is, how hard he works – they are all outstanding. Until his body doesn’t allow him to play anymore, he will stay at this level. And I think he will last for four or five years more. He is still an important player who everyone respects. He is still feared because he can decide a game,” Ferreira told Goal at the London Football Awards.

“I saw him develop of course. I played with and against him from the time he was 18 and he deserves to still be at this level for everything he has achieved and all the work he has put in. To still be playing at this level at 35, you have to look after yourself. You need to work hard, rest and eat properly. He does all that so when he says, he can go on until 40, I agree. Let’s see how his body handles it but if he doesn’t get injuries, then he can definitely do it,” Portugal’s former right-back added further in the interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored for a record-equalling 11th Serie A game.
Cristiano Ronaldo scored for a record-equalling 11th Serie A game. AFP / Isabella BONOTTO

Ronaldo has netted as many as 25 times this season and his phenomenal run has brought back Juventus on the top of the Serie A table.

With Euro 2020 having been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, Portugal skipper will be 36 by the time the tournament eventually begins and defending champions Portugal begin their quest to retain the title.