Gunmen shot down a helicopter carrying election materials in eastern Libya on Friday, just one day before a landmark congressional vote. At least one election commission worker was killed and the helicopter had to make an emergency landing in Benghazi.

Saleh Darhoub, a spokesman for the National Transitional Council, described the attackers as enemies of the revolution and said the incident will not halt the elections. Still, Friday's attack is part of a wave of intensifying violence as militia and tribal leaders demand greater representation for the east in the National Assembly. The current system has designated that 102 seats will go to Tripoli and the west, 60 to the east and 38 to the sparsely populated south.

Two rockets hit the Benghazi Medical Center, which was reportedly holding election documents, on Friday, and three oil refineries were shut down earlier this week. Last weekend, election committee offices in Benghazi and Tobruk were attacked and ballots and ballot boxes were burned.