Your flight can't get any cuter than this. EVA Air, a Taiwanese airline has launched new jets inspired by Hello Kitty.

Two EVA Air aircraft adorned with the fictional Japanese cartoon character will be put into service starting May 23. According to the UK's Metro, the airline hopes that the new aircraft will prove a boost to their struggling sector.

In Asia, Hello Kitty is a powerhouse brand. It's an icon, says Derrick Daye, a Los Angeles-based brand consultant. And it's low-risk. Sure EVA has to pay Hello Kitty something for licensing...but as far as associating yourself with Hello Kitty, I think there is no risk.

Hello Kitty, a cartoon cat known for her red bow and yellow button nose is part of a multi-billion dollar franchise. Created in 1974 by Sanrio, the famous kitten's face can be found on clothing, toys, jewelry, stationary, accessories and most recently, aircraft.

The adorable cartoon face isn't just featured on the outside of the aircraft. Passengers of EVA Air will get the full Hello Kitty treatment.

Boarding passes featuring the Japanese icon are dispensed from neon pink Hello Kitty self-check in counters. Once aboard the flight, passengers are treated to headrest covers featuring the characters face. The Hello Kitty inspiration doesn't stop there. The plane's menu is also inspired by Hello Kitty, reports Metro.

EVA Air actually launched their Hello Kitty Jet aircraft with Sanrio in 2005. They were retired in 2009, with the second generation of planes launched in October 2011. According to a press release from the airline, three jets were unveiled on October 27. The Magic Jet featured Hello Kitty waving a magic want, the Apple Jet displayed Hello Kitty's love for apples, and the Global Jet displays the heartwarming story of Hello Kitty around the world.

The airline boasts a dedicated theme flight with Hello Kitty tissues, paper cups, utensils, hand-washing liquid and hand lotion. Flight attendants are even sporting the cartoon face on their uniforms as they offer passengers limited-edition Hello Kitty duty-free products.

EVA Airs latest Hello Kitty planes will fly to Taipei, Fukuoka, Narita, Sapporo, Incheon, Hong Kong and Guam.