• Tiger Woods was named the highest-paid golfer in 2020 with $62.3 million
  • Woods has 15 professional major golf championship titles
  • Woods was caught in an accident on Tuesday

Tiger Woods is easily among the most recognizable athletes in the world. With multiple titles and several sponsorships deals under his belt, here’s how much the elite golfer has earned throughout his decorated career.

Woods earned $1.5 billion since turning pro in 1996. Golf alone did not award him that billionaire title. Fox Business reports that the figure includes those he made from endorsements, appearances and course design fees.

Deals with different brands has been a lucrative revenue stream for Woods. Even in his early days as a pro golfer, he has secured advertisement deals with Nike and Titleist, Celebrity Net Worth reports. At just 21, he signed a five-year $40 million deal with Nike right after winning The Masters. The sporting brand has been his most supportive sponsor even sticking with him through his struggles.

But his sponsorship deals are not confined to sporting brands, he also sealed deals with Rolex, Monster and Bridgestone.

After more than two decades in the sport, the renowned golfer remains a solid force both in golf and advertisements. He reigns atop the ESPN All-Time Money Leaders list, earning $120,851,706 in tournament winnings throughout his career. He was also the highest earning golfer in 2020 with $62.3 million, according to Forbes Highest Paid Athletes list. His net worth stands at $800 million.

Aside from being a professional golfer, Woods has also ventured into business. He is the founder and chief executive officer of TGR. Described as a multi-enterprise company, TGR is an umbrella for different businesses including a golf course design company, TGR Design. It also owns sports and entertainment events production firm TGR Live, and Florida-based high-end sports restaurant The Woods Jupiter.

Woods' early start did help in building his fortune. He was 15 years old when he was named the youngest U.S. Junior Amateur champion. He won several awards during his amateur career including Southern California Amateur Player of the Year in 1990 and 1991. In 1992, he played his first PGA Tour event, the Nissan Los Angeles Open.

Since 1996, Woods has won 15 professional major golf championships and 82 PGA Tour events.

Woods' car accident on Tuesday raised questions about his future as a golfer. The crasg left him with multiple injuries to his right leg. It is still uncertain when and if the athlete can return to his winning form on the course.

Tiger Woods has battled back pain for years, but made a comeback after his fourth back operation to win the 2019 Masters
Tiger Woods has battled back pain for years, but made a comeback after his fourth back operation to win the 2019 Masters GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Rob Carr