Apple iPhone 14
Apple launched the next generation of its smartphone with the iPhone 14 on at its most recent product event. Apple

As expected, Apple (APPL) launched the iPhone 14 during its "Far Out" event on Wednesday, but surprisingly the price of the smartphone will stay the same in the U.S. However, this is not the case for many other markets.

The iPhone 14 in its base model will have a starting price tag of $799 – the same price as the iPhone 13 from last year. The iPhone 14 Pro Max will sell at a starting price of $1,099, also the same price as last year's iPhone Pro Max.

But in other global markets, Apple will charge significantly more for its next generation of the smartphone. The U.K. will see a £70 ($80 U.S.) increase in the iPhone 14 base model, up from £779, CNBC reported. In Australia, the price of the phone will go up by 50 Australian dollars ($33 U.S.), from $1,349, the news outlet said.

Other global markets that will see an increase include Japan, where the iPhone 14 base model will jump from 98,800 yen to 119,800 yen – a price increase of $146 U.S. – and Germany, which will see a spike to €999, up from €899, according to CNBC.

While the base model of the iPhone 14 will be hiked in these markets, higher jumps are also planned for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. For example, the U.K. is seeing a £150 price ($165 U.S.) increase.

Apple will keep its price unchanged is in China, which is Apple's third-biggest region by sales in Q2 2022, CNBC reported. The base smartphone will cost 5,999 Chinese yuan, while the Pro Max will start at 8,999 yuan as the nation's market is expected to tighten by 13% this year, according to market research firm IDC, as reported by CNBC.

The reason for the price jumps in some regions but not the U.S. was speculated by analysts to be the result of rising costs of components and currency exchange, CNBC reported.

Neil Shah, a partner at Counterpoint Research, told the news outlet, "The key takeaway is the Euro and Yen have depreciated quite a bit translating to slightly higher prices."

Pre-orders for the iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max will open on Friday.

As of Thursday at 9:45 a.m. ET, shares of Apple were trading at $155.16, down 80 cents, or 0.52%.