Herman Cain has no political experience. However, he said it's an asset because Washington needs some new blood. That's a valid point and one that will resonate with the voters.

However, the problem is that he doesn't know the first thing about running a campaign. Let's take a look at fundraising, one of the most crucial parts of winning the presidential primaries and general elections (especially against Barack Obama, who is an absolute fundraising beast).

For example, in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries, Barack Obama already raised $32.3 million in the second quarter of 2007 while Hillary Clinton closely trailed with $27 million.

Through June 30, 2008, Obama raised $278 million, Clinton raised $242 million, and Edwards raised $57 million.

On the Republican side, McCain Raised $144 million, Romney raised $113 million, and Guiliani raised $65 million.

So how are most GOP candidates stacking up compared to the candidates in the 2008 primaries?

Ron Paul has $4.5 million, Tim Pawlenty has $4.2 million, and Jon Huntsman has $4.1 million. Cain, who's the latest candidate to release his numbers, has merely $2.46 million. Michele Bachmann, meanwhile, just started her campaign.

These candidates aren't even close to being on track to raise adequate campaign funds of at least $50 million. Meanwhile, Cain's sole New Hampshire campaigner, Iowa campaign director, and Straw Poll coordinator all recently quit on him.

In comes Mitt Romney with a whopping $15 to $20 million for the quarter, according to people in his camp.

The numbers don't lie. Romney, moreover, tops the polls, a subjective measure.

It looks like we probably have our 2012 GOP presidential candidate.