Herman Cain
Republican presidential Candidate Herman Cain pulled a major upset victory Saturday in the Florida Straw Poll, handily beating Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Reuters

Georgia native and Republican presidential nomination contender Herman Cain won the state's straw poll on Saturday.

Cain narrowly beat Ron Paul with 26 percent of the votes to the latter's 25.7 percent, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

The AJC listed the GOP candidates and their voting numbers. The AJC received the numbers from B.J. VanGundy, the party's first vice president.

Texas governor Rick Perry came in third with 20 percent of the votes, followed by Newt Gingrich with 18 percent. Gingrich is the former representative of Georgia's 6th congressional district.

Mitt Romney received six percent of votes and Michele Bachmann came in sixth place with three percent.

Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, and Thad McCotter each received less than one percent of the votes, while Buddy Roemer and Gary Johnson received no votes.