Supporters of Lebanon's Hezbollah wave Lebanese and Hezbollah flags as they listen to a televised address by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during a rally in Nabi sheet
Supporters of Lebanon's Hezbollah wave Lebanese and Hezbollah flags as they listen to a televised address by Hassan Nasrallah during a rally in Nabi Sheet. Reuters

The chief of Hezbollah in Lebanon has claimed that he has uncovered two spies in his organization who were confessed they working for Israel and the C.I.A.

In a televised broadcast, Sheikh Sayeed Hassan Nasrallah alleged that the US embassy near Beirut was being used as a spy recruitment spot for the Israelis.

He added that a third suspected spy in under investigation. While the three men are under detention, Hezbollah military power has not been hurt, he assured.

The Israelis failed to penetrate the structure of Hezbollah so they have turned to the CIA for help, he said in the broadcast.

The information that those CIA officers requested from the [members] does not interest the American administration, it is military details that interests Israel in any war. This confirms that the American embassy [in Beirut] is a center for spying for Israel.

Nasrallah also stated: “Some media outlets spoke of 100 cases. Contrary to rumors, the discovered spies are not religious scholars and do not occupy leadership positions. None of them is close to the secretary-general. None of them has anything to do with the military front or the rocket systems. None of them had sensitive information that might have harmed the Resistance’s military and security structures and its ability to confront any future war.”

Nasrallah also discussed how concerned he is about Israeli infiltration into Hezbollah.

“This topic is very sensitive and we’re very keen on our transparency and worried for the supporters of the Resistance and for all of those who pin their hopes on it in Lebanon and the Arab world, and it is normal for us to respect them and provide them with all the facts, especially amid the numerous rumors,” he stated.

“Last year, I had said on more than one occasion that we are immune against Israeli infiltration and that we have an anti-espionage unit, and several of the brothers who were accused of espionage last year turned out to be totally innocent. But the new case is different.”

In response, a spokesman for the US embassy in Beirut has denied the allegations.

These are the same kind of empty accusations that we have heard repeatedly from Hezbollah, the spokesman said. There is no substance to his accusation. It appears as if Nasrallah was addressing internal problems within Hezbollah with which we have nothing to do. Our position towards Hezbollah is well known and has not changed.

Washington regards Hezbollah -- which is backed by Syria and Iran -- as a terrorist organization.

However, Hezbollah now enjoy considerable power in Lebanon – the country’s cabinet is now dominated by officials who are either members of the group or affiliated with them.