Hopefully, most Americans will not cast their ballots this November using the same criteria Homer Simpson does. In a new promotion for the coming season of “The Simpsons,” America’s favorite doofus votes for Republican Mitt Romney.

Somebody apparently forgot to tell “The Simpsons” writers that the show is less popular than it used to be. The clip of Homer voting doesn’t even last two minutes, but it is so jam-packed with political satire that fans will be forgiven for thinking it’s a retread from the show’s golden years in the mid-1990s.

“Barack Obama, I don’t know,” Homer ruminates while standing at the polls. “I already got one wife telling me how to eat healthy -- plus he promised me death panels and Grandpa is still alive!”

“Mitt Romney, I hear he wears magic underpants. I expect the leader of the free world to go commando -- plus his horse totally choked at the Olympics. On the other hand, he did invent Obamacare,” Homer says as he pulls down the lever.

After voting, the dimwitted Homer finally gets to take a peek at Romney’s tax return, leading him to find out Mitt was able to take advantage of a “personality implant” deduction.

“The Simpsons,” America’s longest-running television situation comedy, has long been regarded as one of America’s favorite satires. Poking fun at suburban life, Homer and the rest of the family have skewered everything from gun rights to homophobia to every politician in between. President George H.W. Bush famously said that Americans should be more like “The Waltons” than “The Simpsons” early in the show’s time on TV.

Entering its 24th season this month, the show has been decried in recent years for often repeating premises that were used earlier in the program’s history and for failing to live up to the potential its first seasons had. Homer in particular has been the subject of some fans' ire for apparently getting even dumber as the years have gone on, turning into an unrealistic caricature of the character he was.

The show's season premiere is set for Sept. 30 on Fox.