Planking is when a person impersonates a stiff plank of wood by lying face down. The photos are then posted on Facebook or other social networking sites.  The catch?  Planking is done.

The new "sport" was replaced by owling at lightning-fast speed.  Owling involved perching like an owl while batting involves hanging upside down like an owl.  The catch?  Owling is done.

Sadly, the next owling will probably be replaced in less than a week.  However, as all we have is this moment, let us pretend that "horsemaning" is here to stay.

Horsemaning involves taking photo of two people who appear to be one person.  The "person's" head appears to be separated from the body, a type of "Headless Horseman."

Planking, which gave birth to horsemaning by extension, became popular after a man in Australia planked on his balcony railing and fell to his death in May. 

Strangely, as many people are not fans of these passive-aggressive attention-grabbing techniques, it seems to somehow bring people together.