The head of the House of Representatives' appropriations committee introduced a one-week budget stopgap funding measure late Monday, seeking $12 billion in cuts do discretionary spending, as negotiations and the process of obtaining a six-month deal threaten to go beyond an April 8 deadline.

The continuing resolution, as the measure is called, also includes national defense funding for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends on September 30, said Hal Rogers, the chairman of the House Appropriations committee.

The proposal comes as President Barack Obama is set to hold a meeting with House and Senate leaders including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner.

Rogers, a Republican said Democratic Sen. Harry Reid had blocked negotiations at nearly every turn.

Reid has attempted to include phony offsets and gimmicks, Rogers said. Reid's proposals have also included cuts in national defense to pay for domestic programs, Rogers add

And he has dictated that all policy provisions and legislative language be clared through him and him alone - destroying the ability of negotiators to continue their work.

Agriculture Department - $1.4 billion in cuts

Commerce/Justice/Science - $430 million

Military Construction - $629.5 million

Financial services programs - $590 million

Homeland Security Dept. - $1.4 billion

Interior Dept. - $1.27 billion

Labor/Health Departments - $2.5 billion

State Dept and Foreign operations - $832 million

Transportation/Housing and Urban Development -Nearly $2 billion