CBD has numerous health benefits. Pixabay.com

The interest in cannabis and cannabinoids has grown massively in recent years, which led to fast-growing cannabis markets around the world. By now, the European cannabis market is expected to be worth about €115 billion by 2028. Additionally, global spending on legal cannabis is anticipated to grow to around $43 billion by 2024.

One part of the cannabis plant, the cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD), has received a lot of attention. CBD products have been on a steep upward trajectory due to consumer interest, and CBD market growth rates reflect that. According to Grand View Research, the CBD market is estimated to witness a year-over-year growth of roughly 20 to 23% in the next 5 years.

Access to cannabinoids

That being said, cannabis and cannabis-derived cannabinoids are still illegal in some countries. There are even some countries around the world, like Turkey, China, or Japan, that prohibit or restrict hemp-related products. Consequently, many people around the world still can’t access CBD products.

However, this doesn’t mean that these people are any less interested in the potential benefits of CBD or other cannabinoids. This means that there is a clear demand for cannabinoids that aren’t derived from cannabis or hemp.

Now, the German platform company SynBiotic SE released CBPlus, which is the world’s first CBD replacement extract without hemp. “This makes us the first company in this sector worldwide to offer a real alternative to conventional CBD extracts,” said SynBiotic SE CEO, Lars Müller. “This pioneering act was made possible by our platform approach,” he added.

SynBiotic SE follows an internationally-focused buy and build investment approach, and this product will help the company solidify and expand its market position. While the company has already seen immense growth in the past due to its previous product innovations and acquisitions, CBPlus is set to shake up the global cannabis and cannabinoid market.

Cannabinoids without cannabis

CBPlus is an alternative CBD extract that contains various terpenes and cannabinoids, like CBD, that are not extracted from hemp. Instead, these compounds, which are responsible for the effects associated with cannabis, will be derived from various cannabinoid- and terpene-containing plants, such as hops.

“Many SynBiotic SE companies are on board with the development of the new product: Lean Labs Pharma GmbH will be manufacturing and distributing the extract as a raw material for innovative products. Solidmind Group GmbH is currently developing the first product on this basis and will be the first to launch it on the market under our SynBiotic SE flagship brand Hempamed,” Müller said.

Not only will this revolutionize the global market for cannabinoids and make CBD more accessible around the world, but CBPlus is also many times more effective than the same amount of CBD because it is derived from multiple plants. This is due to the so-called entourage effect, which states that a mixture of plant substances always has a higher level of biological activity than an isolated, pure substance.

“This opens up completely new geographical dimensions and growth opportunities. Our entry into NeuroTheryX (NTX) in April 2021 has already paid off. The NTX team has been researching the mechanisms of action and synergistic potentials behind cannabinoids for years,” said Müller. “In addition to hemp and cannabis strains, NTX has studied and cataloged more than a hundred other plants according to their cannabinoids and terpenes as a basis for the development of effective product compositions,” he added.

So, CBPlus is only the first result of this collaboration between NTX and SynBiotic SE, and, according to Müller, “[f]urther combinations of active ingredients based on cannabinoids and terpenes are currently being researched.” The ramifications this is going to will soon show themselves, and with even more products already being researched and developed, the impact it is going to have on the global cannabinoid market is going to be big.

What the future holds

With the ability to derive cannabinoids from plants besides cannabis or hemp, the future is looking bright for cannabinoid products. This will make cannabinoids more accessible around the world, and it will also bring about new business opportunities. Further, consumers can look forward to a bigger and better selection of cannabinoid products.

While consumer spending on cannabis products is already being expected to massively increase in the coming years, this development might just push these numbers even more.