Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Prince Harry attend a medal presentation for The Royal Gurkha Rifles at Buckingham Palace, London March 14, 2017. Reuters

March has shaped up to be a very busy time for the British Royal family.

From Queen Elizabeth II’s royal assent on Brexit to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, taking a highly publicized trip to Paris, the month has been a whirlwind of travel and ceremony for the royal family.

In a few weeks, Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, were set to embark on a nine-day tour of Europe, USA Today reported Thursday. And you can guarantee they'll be traveling in style. Prince Charles and Camilla were due to kick off their tour with a ride on the Cam Force One, an aircraft that former British prime minister David Cameron previously used, and which cost a reported £10 million (about $12 million).

To begin their European tour, the couple was scheduled to head to Bucharest, Romania on March 29. The tour itself was due to end April 6 in Vienna.

In early April, the pair will be in Italy, where they will meet Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican, according to USA Today. Camilla and Prince Charles will also visit the city of Amatrice, which experienced a major earthquake last August that killed about 300 people. Camilla will journey to Florence, where she will pay a visit to the Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno, an association that assists victims of human trafficking and immigrants.

While the trip will include a full schedule of philanthropic meetings, there will be some light tourism on the menu, as well. Prince Charles will also tour the famous Herculaneum site and watch the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The European tour will follow on the heels of another major royal family European visit. Beginning Friday, William and Kate will take a short trip to Paris — the Prince’s first visit since his mother died in a car accident in the French city almost exactly 20 years ago. The two-day trip will include a visit with French President Francois Hollande and a major rugby match, according to BBC News.