Hulk Hogan
Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan was involved in another boat accident over the weekend, just months after he severely burned his hand in a similar incident. Wikipedia Commons

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was involved in a serious boating accident on Sunday, mere months after a similar incident left him severely burned.

Hogan, 60, broke the news of the boat accident on his Twitter account on Sunday night, TMZ notes. “How come everytime we go out on the boat someone ends up bleeding?” Hogan tweeted.

“Today both me and Dr. Crespo ended up covered in blood, the windshield on my boat exploded because of the wind and speed on the water, crazy [sic],” Hogan continued. Hogan also noted that he hadn’t even been using his fastest boat during the incident.

“And it wasn’t the go fast Scarab, it was my slower Searay,” Hogan wrote, referring to his two speedboats. While Hogan has yet to post photos of the incident (as he did last May when the first boat accident occurred), he did assure his Twitter followers that he didn't suffer a serious injury. “Oh well time to sadle up again brother [sic],” Hogan wrote.

Hogan’s first boat accident occurred last May, when the wrestling star suffered severe burns to his left hand when a radiator on one of his boats exploded, TMZ notes. The former reality television star had to be taken to a Tampa, Fla., emergency room to receive treatment—but not before posting several graphic pictures of his hand injury to Twitter.

“Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH,” Hogan tweeted, along with a photo of his blistered hand. Despite the apparent severity of the wound, Hogan continued to post pictures and jokes regarding his hand while doctors treated his hand.

“I [am] at the ER now at Tampa General Hospital," Hogan tweeted, along with a picture of the operation. Later, the 60-year-old captioned a particularly grotesque photo of his burned hand with the caption, “would you like it rare?”

Fans were so taken aback by the graphic content that Hogan felt obligated to issue an apology. “I apologize for posting my burned hand photos, with all the feedback I now realize I really should take a moment before I make a decision. HH,” Hogan wrote.