Typhoon Son-Tinh claimed at least 30 lives in the Philippines and Vietnam. WikiMedia Commons

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, threatening over 50 million people in the most densely populated region of the United States, another powerful storm system in Southeast Asia is winding down after leaving at least 30 dead in its path.

Tropical Storm Son-Tinh is continuing its path as it heads northeast along the coast of Vietnam after making landfall as a typhoon last week in the Philippines, where it claimed at least 27 lives. At least another three people died when Son-Tinh hit Vietnam.

Son-Tinh was rated a category one typhoon when it hit the Philippines and Vietnam with wind speeds reaching over t80 miles per hour, CNN reported.

Sandy, a category one hurricane, is similar by comparison with wind speeds of 90 miles per hour, but will combine with a snowstorm coming in from the west and a cold front coming in from the Arctic, which could potentially become a much more intense storm.

Sandy already claimed nearly 70 lives when it passed through the Caribbean over the weekend.