Hyundai, the world’s fifth-largest automaker, has issued a recall for its Sonata line of sedans. Nearly 207,000 vehicles, produced between late 2012 and early 2014, are affected by the recall, which stems from a potential fuel leak issue that could cause fires.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over time, the fuel lines on these recalled Sonatas can become cracked due to engine heat. This could lead to fires if fuel were to leak from the line and also produces a gasoline smell that can tip owners off that there is an issue.

Hyundai is still looking into the issue and expects the recall to go into effect on April 24. At that point, Sonata drivers will be able to get their vehicles checked at dealerships, who will fix the issue free of charge.

Hyundai notes that it has received no reports of fires resulting from the defect at this time.

Concerned owners can check the NHTSA’s official site and enter their vehicle’s unique VIN to see if it is affected by this or any other recall. They can also call the Hyundai customer service line at (855) 371-9460 with any questions.

This the second time in weeks that the Korean automaker has issued a recall related to engine fires. In early February, Hyundai recalled around 430,000 Elantra models produced between 2006 and 2011 for an electrical short hazard that could ignite the vehicles even when they were turned off.

Also in early February, Hyundai announced it was temporarily halting production lines at its South Korean factories due to a shortage of Chinese parts. The decision was due to production problems from the coronavirus.

The Hyundai Sonata is displayed at the LA Auto Show in Los Angeles
The Hyundai Sonata is displayed at the LA Auto Show in Los Angeles December 2, 2009. REUTERS