• The issue lies with the leg base of the chair
  • There have been two reports of injuries "as a result of the fall"
  • Affected customers may get a refund

Ikea is recalling certain swivel chairs, as they may pose potential fall risks to users. Some 12,000 chairs are affected by the issuance.

The problem with the recalled products, Odger Swivel chairs, is that their leg base may break, according to the recall notice on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website. This may then pose fall and injury hazards to users.

As of the Thursday recall, the company has received four reports of the recalled chairs' leg base breaking. These include two reports wherein consumers got injured "as a result of the fall."

As such, Ikea is urging customers to stop using the affected chairs. Instead, they may return the affected units to an Ikea store to get a refund. If they cannot return the chairs, they may contact Ikea to find out how to dispose of the units to get a refund, the company said.

The recall affects the Ikea Odger Swivel Chair in Anthracite color, which is gray in hue. Each unit has a date stamp that's "before and including 2221," with the first two digits representing the year and the last two digits representing the week of the production date.

The name and date stamp can be located under the seat of the chair. Photos of the recalled chair are available on both the CPSC and IKEA websites. The CPSC website has also provided a guide on where to find the name and date code, as well as how to identify the date stamp under the chair — the year part of the code is written out, while the week number can be identified by the direction of the arrows.

The recalled products were manufactured in Italy and sold at IKEA stores as well as via its website from October 2019 to December 2022.

"We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation," the company said.

Customers may contact Ikea at 888-966-4532.

Although using chairs may seem as safe as they could possibly be, there are still fall and injury risks. Chairs that are tilted, wobbly or somewhat unstable should not be used until repairs have been made.

Also, avoid leaning too far back to the point that the legs of the chair are off the ground or sitting much too forward at the edge of the seat, as these seemingly simple actions may also cause the chair to tip over.

The company's logo is seen outside of an IKEA Group store in Saint-Herblain near Nantes, France, March 22, 2021.
The company's logo is seen outside of an IKEA Group store in Saint-Herblain near Nantes, France, March 22, 2021. Reuters / Stephane Mahe