20210915_iPhone_Prices_IBT Pricing of Apple's current iPhone line-up in the United States. Photo: Statista/IBT

When Apple unveiled its latest line of smartphones at a virtual event last year, not only did the company introduce more models than ever before at a single event, namely four, but it also kept more of the older models around than many had anticipated. That precedent was upheld, when the iPhone 13 was revealed, along with the latest iterations of the mini, Pro and Pro Max.

As the following chart shows, Apple now has an iPhone for (almost) every wallet, starting with the budget-friendly iPhone SE from $399 and ending with the top-of-the-line 1TB 13 Pro Max for a whopping $1,599 in the United States.

For many years, Apple had been criticized for catering exclusively to the high-end market, a strategy that made it extremely difficult for the company to gain traction in emerging markets. In light of slowing smartphone sales in mature markets, Apple has lately adjusted its strategy towards offering a more complete range of phones. Keeping previous years’ models around for a reduced price has become the company’s primary strategy of attracting cost-conscious buyers.