The animation features built into Apple's iOS 7 update is reportedly causing many iPhone and iPad users to experience motion sickness. And many users says that not even enabling the system's "Reduce Motion" feature reduces the issue. Reuters

First it was what Apple users were doing to their iOS 7 updated iPhones. But now it appears the update is affecting users in its own peculiar way.

Apple's recent overall of the its software has been lauded for its colorful, more animated design. But some iPhone and iPad users are reporting that the new zooming and parallax animations of the new software are making them more than figuratively sick, The Verge reports.
"The zoom animations ... are literally making me nauseous and giving me a headache. It's exactly how I used to get car sick if I tried to read in the car," recounted Apple forum user Ensorceled in a post to a discussion board seeking a way to cut off iOS 7's navigation animations. This frustration and complaint of motion sickness was echoed by several other users in the forum.
"I have the same problem. It hurts my eyes and makes me dizzy," chimed in user Ldejeant.
The update does feature a "Reduce Motion" option, activating this feature appears to offer only minimal relief to those being affected by the issue. It turns off the parallax effect on the homescreen, but the it's the zooming effects' presence throughout numerous functions in the operating system that is causing an issue for users. The zooming occurs when opening an app or even the multitasking menu.
Though many of the users on the forum have reached out to Apple, according to their posts, they've been told by Apple support that the effects can not be disabled. For many, their only option has been to downgrade their devices back to iOS 6, which featured quicker animations between screens than the new update does. Apple has yet to offer any comments on the issue.