A fake advertisement for the recent iOS 7 update for iPhones is reportedly leading several iPhone owners to test the waterproof features of the handset. Unfortunately for the consumers brave enough to test this "new feature," software updates don't come with the ability to waterproof a phone.

The advertisement -- which has appeared on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter -- is believed to have started on the online forum 4Chan, reports The Daily Mail. It shows an iPad and iPhone 5S displayed next to the following tagline: "A smart-switch will shut off the phone's power supply and corresponding components to prevent damage to your iPhone's delicate circuitry." The advertisement also claims the waterproofing feature "is covered by Apple's warranty policy."

While most people probably know that a software update can in no way change the actual hardware of an iPhone or any mobile device, it appears that the sleek faux advertisement, which expertly mimicked an actual Apple ad, successfully fooled several iPhone users. The duped iPhone users took to Twitter to vent their frustration on Tuesday over getting their phones wet after testing the fake new feature. And the misinformation continues to spread as users retweet, share and post fake ads and messages saying that iOS 7 waterproofs the device.

Thankfully, some users have ignored the fake ad, posting their utter amazement that people could be so easily fooled into thinking that their phone was made waterproof by the update. So consider this your warning not to fall for this costly prank, seeing that many phone warranties don't cover water damage to phones.

A waterproofing update for iOS 7 is too good to be true. So leave that possibility to your dreams and keep that iPhone away from raindrops, pools, puddles and any other forms of water -- the most common iPhone destroyer.