The Iowa athletic department planned a card stunt for the special occasion - the Hawkeyes' only night home game of the season against Northwestern.

They wanted to turn Kinnick Stadium into a field of dreams, if you will. So on Saturday night, each of the 70,585 fans that entered the sold-out stadium was given a two-sided card.

One side, if executed correctly by the fans, would support the Hawkeyes with a Go Hawks and support America Needs Farmers across the other side of the field.

The other side would turn Kinnick Stadium into a display of stars and stripes during the playing of the national anthem before the game.

There were plenty of potential hitches. What if an important string of one of the stars was off getting beer? What if S protested for being the last letter, and America Needs Farmers only insinuated that America needs just one farmer?

Alas, all those worries by all those people proved to be just worries when the Iowa fans pulled off the card stunt with beauty. And hey, Iowa beat Northwestern, 41-31, to improve to 4-2 and 1-1 in the Big Ten.

This will probably lead to more crazy card stunts in college stadiums. It proves that if you build a bowl-shaped stadium with the possibility of pulling off a crazy card stunt, they will come.

Video below!