For presidential hopefuls, the Iowa State Fair is an important campaign stop in a state that can make or break a candidate's White House aspirations. For fair-goers, however, it is all about the fried food.

The Iowa State Fair boasts nearly 200 food stands brimming with the kind of food that could give a cardiologist a heart attack. Of those selections, nearly 70 products come on a stick.

The fair has a food finer app to hunt down the best treats. But for the real guide to eating until your pants don't fit, read below.


We suggest starting with the corn in a cup. This new treat includes a cup of corn niblets, pork sausage, cheddar cheese, mayo, butter, lime and spicy magic dust. ¡Ay, caramba! Give us some. It's available at The Corn Stand south of the Service Center.



The toasted coconut caramel cluster sounds like a sweet appetizer. Having coconut, pretzel pieces and caramel dipped in chocolate and served on a stick is just one way to get your sugar fix at the Iowa State Fair. It's near the Livestock Pavilion, however, so you might want to skip it if bad smells could stall your appetite.



Repeat after us: Ultimate Bacon Brisket Bomb. Ground brisket, diced jalapenos, onions and pepper cheese all wrapped in bacon is the stuff dreams are made of. But that alone wouldn't be enough to impress Iowans. It also comes with a sweet and spicy chili glaze.



Apple Pie On A Stick sounds like someone couldn't wait for Thanksgiving. For more cosmopolitan eaters, there's chocolate dipped strawberries on a stick, sold at the Strawberry Hut.



Need more fried stuff? Try the deep fried cherry pie, deep fried nacho balls or the golden fried peanut butter and jelly on a stick.



Thirsty? How about the 27-degree super chill beer at Steer 'N Stein? Now, go find some extra-long corn dogs.