Iran’s Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei is really upset about what’s happening in Ferguson, Missouri. In a series of Tweets posted on Friday, the Supreme Leader expressed his outrage over what he called the “brutal treatment of black people” by the United States government. He also accused the United States of being anti-human rights with black Americans and when dealing with Israel.

Khamenei posted at least four Tweets on the issue, using the hashtag #Ferguson that has been widely used on social media to discuss the ongoing situation in Missouri after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Brown was fatally shot by police on Saturday while walking to his grandmother’s home. He was unarmed, according witnesses.

“Today the world is a world of tyranny and lies. The flag of #HumanRights is borne by enemies of human rights w/US leading them! #Ferguson,” he wrote.

Khamenei then linked the situation in Gaza to what’s happening in Ferguson, alluding to the fact that Israel is largely supported by the United States. “Brutal treatment of black people isn’t indeed the only anti-human rights act by US government; look at US’s green light to #Israel’s crimes. #Ferguson

Lately, the supreme leader of Iran has not been the defender of human rights these Tweets make him out to be. Iran is infamous for its high execution rate. There were 411 executions in the first half of 2014 alone and some were only being punished for being gay. The LGBT community in Iran has almost no human rights as homosexual acts in Iran are often punished with flogging or executions.

Last month, the Iranian government sentenced journalist Marzieh Rasouli to 50 lashes and two years in prison because she was writing “propaganda.” Since May at least 36 people, including journalists, film makers and human rights activists, have been arrested in Iran for expressing their opinions, according to the United Nations Human Rights Council.