An explosion in the wake of an airstrike is seen in a western neighborhood of the besieged Syrian city of Kobani Nov. 23, 2014. Reuters/Osman Orsal

A 31-year-old Canadian-Israeli woman who traveled to Iraq to join the Kurdish fight against the Islamic State group reportedly has been abducted by ISIS. Gill Rosenberg, 31, a former Israeli soldier, was captured after three suicide bombings near Kobani, the Times of Israel reported.

The SITE Intelligence Group said jihadists are discussing ideas for executing her or using her for a prisoner exchange. The capture was reported Sunday on the Islamic State-associated blog Samoach al-Islam and other Islamist websites. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said it is investigating the claim, which was not backed by any evidence, the Jerusalem Post said. The Israeli security service Shin Bet told the Post it had “no further details” about the reported abduction.

The Canadian government said it is looking into the report, according to CTV News. The Department of Foreign Affairs told the media outlet in an email it was “pursuing all appropriate channels” in seeking to determine Rosenberg's whereabouts, but declined to release any other information.

Quoting two Kurdish fighters, Israel Radio reported Rosenberg was not near Kobani.

The Post noted if the claim is true, it would make Rosenberg, who was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and moved to Israel in 2006, the first Western female to fall into the Islamic State group’s hands and her Israeli citizenship could complicate the situation even further. Steven Sotloff, who was executed by ISIS in August, had dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship.