Israel alleged Sunday that it thwarted an Iranian attack on Israel "using killer drones" after the country struck Iranian military sites in Syria. The event comes as an Israeli drone crashed into a building belonging to the Iranian-backed paramilitary organization Hezbollah in Beirut the same day.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the operation, which targeted the Iranian-backed Quds Force group near the Syrian capital Damascus, was a "major operational effort." The reported goal of the strikes was to prevent Shiite militias and Iranian forces from launching an assault on northern Israel.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) posted footage of the militias carrying one of the drones for an attack on Israeli territory. 

"The aggression was immediately confronted and so far the majority of the enemy Israeli military missiles have been destroyed before reaching their targets," the Syrian military said.

The move comes as Israel has escalated its war against expanding Iranian influence in the Middle East region. On Sunday, an Israeli reconnaissance drone fell on a Hezbollah media building in southern Beirut, wounding three people. A second drone in the same area exploded in the air. 

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri called the provocation "a threat to regional stability" and an attack on Lebanon's sovereignty. 

Israel and Hezbollah fought in a war in 2006 that lasted 34 days. The conflict began after a Hezbollah cross border raid left three Israeli soldiers dead. Israel responded by attacking Hezbollah targets in southern Beirut.

Up to 1,400 Lebanese died in the ensuing Israeli military operation, with 270 Hezbollah fighters killed.

Israel also reportedly hit a supposed Iranian weapons depot in Iraq earlier this week.

These strikes may be a way for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to posture himself as focused on security ahead of upcoming elections in September. Netanyahu's main challenger, General Benny Gantz, wants to take a stronger approach to some security matters, such as dealing with Hamas, the ruling government of the Gaza Strip.