• A transfer window insider said Jadon Sancho is already communicating with Manchester United players
  • Ian McGarry also revealed that no other club has been able to match United's interest in Sancho
  • Some insiders claimed that Sancho's first choice was Liverpool and not United

Borussia Dortmund star and top prospect Jadon Sancho has been in constant touch with some Manchester United players and England international colleagues who play for the club amid progressing transfer talks, transfer window insider Ian McGarry says.

Man United has been continuously gaining confidence in signing Sancho. Despite having a compelling season with Borussia Dortmund, the prolific striker is said to be keen on leaving the German side this summer.

Previous reports stated that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side is already close to welcoming Sancho to Old Trafford. Now, McGarry, a veteran transfer window insider, has said it is believed that Sancho has already been talking to some United players on a regular basis for quite some time.

Speaking on “The Transfer Window” podcast, the football operations and communications consultant backed reports saying United is indeed the frontrunner in landing Sancho. The insider said that no other club has been able to match the level of interest United has shown in pursuing Sancho at this point.

“Manchester United are comfortable at this moment in time that they’re not in any competition for the signature of Jadon Sancho,” McGarry said on the Tuesday episode of the podcast. “They don’t believe they’re going to be gazumped by another club because no other club has expressed the same level of interest.”

McGarry said that United chiefs are confident that the Red Devils squad is already looking forward to having Sancho on the team, revealing that the 20-year-old is in contact with them through WhatsApp.

“They’re also very confident the player wants to come to Old Trafford,” he said on the podcast. “He has been in constant touch with England international colleagues who currently play for Manchester United and is in daily contact with them. It’s even believed he’s on a WhatsApp group with some of the Manchester United players as well.”

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McGarry insisted that the Premier League club is now “comfortable” with its position in the Sancho deal. He also said that United is certain Dortmund will soon agree with the payment structure the club has suggested for the transfer.

Prior to McGarry’s statement, an unexpected twist was revealed by former Liverpool star Danny Murphy and Talksport reporter Alex Crook.

In a recent discussion on Talksport Radio, Murphy and Crook said they were told that Sancho’s first choice was a move to Liverpool and not United. The pair also noted that this rumor came before Sancho’s massive move to United burst.