On Thursday afternoon, the lead prosecutor on the Jameis Winston sexual assault investigation will hold a press conference to announce whether he'll bring criminal charges over the alleged rape of an unidentified female, but the football player's rumored girlfriend has yet to directly address the situation.

Winston has been dating Breion Allen, a college basketball player at Rice University in Houston, since high school, Larry Brown Sports reports. Allen, who is also a sophomore, would regularly reference her relationship to Winston on Twitter, and several photos of the pair exist online. However, the blog notes that Allen, 19, has not made any mention of her longtime boyfriend since the news of the rape accusation broke in November. Neither Winston nor Allen has acknowledged a breakup, so there's no reason to believe that they aren't still together.

The Florida State quarterback, who is the consensus frontrunner for this season’s Heisman Trophy, stands accused of sexually assaulting an unnamed woman on Dec. 7, 2012. An investigation into the allegations remained dormant until November, when TMZ uncovered a police report which revealed that Winston had been the focus of the case. In a strange twist, the Daily Mail notes that Allen flew to Florida to visit her boyfriend mere hours after the crime allegedly took place.

A DNA test later revealed that a sample taken from the alleged victim’s underwear matched a sample provided by Winston, ESPN reported. The odds of the DNA taken from the underwear matching a man other than Winston were said to be 1 to 2.2 trillion. Shortly after the results of the DNA test leaked, Winston’s lawyer held a press conference in which he confirmed that his client had engaged in a sexual encounter with his accuser. However, he insisted that the act was consensual.

It’s been several weeks since Allen has mentioned Winston on her Twitter account, but she has posted a few cryptic tweets in recent days which may or may not be related to his legal troubles. On Nov. 30, she posted that “social media is destroying society.”

“When I grow up, I wish to at least be half the mother mine is to me because she is the best. Don’t know how I’d make it without her,” Allen wrote. While she posted this tweet just hours after State Attorney Willie Meggs announced that his office had completed its investigation into Winston, it’s unclear if the two events are related.

In the months before the rape allegations surfaced, Winston and Allen appeared to have a strong relationship. Winston posted videos of himself throwing passes to Allen on a football field, while a 2011 Al.com feature on the Florida State quarterback noted that Allen was one of the only people to refer to him by his actual first name.

State Attorney Meggs will announce if his office plans to pursue criminal charges against Winston on Thursday afternoon.

[h/t Larry Brown Sports]