Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer said she is not endorsing the Senate's immigration reform bill but the border surge is a victory for her state. Reuters

After seemingly expressing confidence Sunday about the progress made on immigration reform in the Senate, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer said she was in no way endorsing the Gang of Eight’s bill. Instead, Brewer said the border surge amendment to the bill is a victory for her state.

Appearing on Fox News on Sunday, Brewer said what’s taking place in the Senate is “a victory for Arizona.” Her comments quickly gathered steam, but Brewer later clarified that she doesn’t approve of the immigration bill -- just the border surge amendment that will double the number of border patrol agents in the south to 40,000.

Here’s what the governor tweeted Monday:

The Gang of Eight helped write the border surge bill, according to an interview co-author Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., had with conservative media outlet Breitbart News. “The entire Gang has been involved -- and, I might add, is still involved,” Corker said. “All of our offices have been like switchboard operators for the last 10 days, and all of the Gang has been involved and very helpful, and, in particular, on the other side of the aisle Sen. Schumer and Sen. Menendez have been very active.”

Two senators from Arizona, John McCain and Jeff Flake, were a part of the group that wrote the main bill.