UPDATE: The embed code of the video referenced in the article now brings up a CBS video about college football. To see the Jan Crawford video that excluded Paul, click here.

Jan Crawford, a CBS political correspondent, was slammed on the Internet for excluding Ron Paul in her news coverage.

The incident happened in a segment titled New Hampshire is the new Iowa that aired Thursday, before the two New Hampshire weekend debates.

In the video seen below, Crawford does not mention Paul when discussing the New Hampshire race, even though polls have the Texas congressman at second behind frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Even more maddening for Paul supporters, a graphic depicting the Suffolk University Poll among NH voters blatantly excludes Paul, even though the Texas Congressman polls the second highest at 14 percent in the referenced poll.

(Screen grab below from the CBS video, showing the exclusion of Paul from its graphic)


The video received attention after a www.libertypulse.com post about it went viral on the Internet.

Your lack of integrity as a journalist is no longer in question, it is fact. Blatant manipulation of data to fabricate a news story instead of doing your job to report it disgusts me. Thank you, Jan Crawford, You make me feel like a better person, wrote Tony Chau on Crawford's Facebook page.

Where is your on air apology? Are you going to own up to your blatant misrepresentation of the facts? wrote Alexandros Anas.

You call yourself a 'political correspondent'?? Shame on you, wrote Simon Evans.

Crawford, to be fair, did not make false statements about Paul; she only omitted and excluded him.

Crawford was made a political corresponded for CBS by CBS News president David Rhodes in 2010, according to mediabistro.com.

I know Jan will keep us honest on the candidates as the primary process unfolds, Rhodes reportedly wrote in an email to staff about Crawford's appointment.

Her bio from CBS is here.